Public Classes

Our cooking classes are for the culinary enthusiasts willing to turn their kitchen into a laboratory of discovery and creativity. Our classes are geared for newbies all the way up to experienced cooks looking to learn new tips and tricks of the trade.

Students get to meet diverse people, enjoy an intimate atmosphere and realize their hidden culinary talents. Menus are designed with sophistication, techniques and taste to create restaurant-quality meals that are easily replicable at home.

We use seasonal and local products for our winter, spring, summer and fall classes theme.

Private Classes

When you want to learn how to cook at a personalized pace, our private classes are just for you!
These classes are a great way to step into the cooking world without having to worry about how good of a cook you are.

Learn how to cook a personalized menu of dishes that will help you master your favorite meals. No matter your experience, from first-timer to experienced chef, you’re bound to learn lots of new tricks and techniques that’ll elevate your cooking abilities to new heights!

Couples Classes

These classes are ideal for couples who want to add a pinch of excitement to their cuisine. We’ll help you choose your dishes and plan the entire meal to completion. This will be a hands-on experience that’ll help you cook a delicious meal with a loved one. This intimate setting allows you to have a romantic evening — perfect for any date night!

Group Classes

These classes are intimate (no more than 10 students) and perfect for hands-on learning. Join us as we make appetizers, entree and a delectable dessert. This is the perfect solution for a bachelorette party or hands-on dinner parties. A great idea for a fun-filled night with friends.

Made-to-Order Workshops

We also have classes for children and young adults! If you’re looking for a new way to approach a cooking class and have an idea, these workshops are perfect for customizing your culinary experience!

The Cost of Classes

$110/per class

Bundle & Save
2 for $180
3 for $280